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Burn Out Kit Car

Toyota Soarer

We were looking for a tow car that we could use at the 2007 Night Wars to run in the 2WD Turbo Class, and found a Toyota Soarer. The Toyota we got has the 2.5L twin turbo 1JZ was a great starting point, one down side is its auto but this is a buget build so no clutch to worry about!

Goal: Mid 11s = 450hp @ wheels 1530kg.

Step 1. Set a baseline.

We installed a Gtech and set out for a few runs (on a closed private road of course!) and got a 14.29 @ 157kms not bad for a 1600kg car = 260hp @ wheels.

Step 2. 3" Custom Lightning Motorsport Exhaust

Paul our Fabricater made a 3" mandrel bent exhaust system from the turbo - these cost $799 from turbo at our shop.

The system made a huge change in sound - Quite an angry rumble to it. Back to our private road we went with the Gtech meter to see what / If we made any gains. HOLY CRAP 13.79 @ 164kms which equals 305hp @ wheels. 45hp gain from an exhaust! THATS IMPRESSIVE!!!

Step 3. Front Mount Intercooler and Gizzmo MS-IBC

Next we made a Custom Front Mount Intercooler. We chose a 600x300x76 Intercooler and our Fab Paul made Intercooler piping to suit.

We also Installed a Gizzmo MS-IBC to set boost levels and to also see how much boost it is running.

Overall this gave a very good upgrade sadly we didnt get a chance to see how much of a improvement it made before we did the next upgrades.

Custom Intercooler Set Ups Can be Made for most cars for $899 including Fitting, Intercooler and Faburcation.

Step 4. Single Turbo Conversion.


First of we decided to use a Garret gt35/40 Turbo

Next we needed to make a manifold. With a little eyeing up we worked out that a Rb20/25 top mount manifold could be modifyed to fit.

So with that sorted Paul got under way making the manifold from a skyline fit a toyota and bingo it was on and looking good.

Next we slotted the gt35/40 onto the manifold and it really looked the part.

With that sorted we mod'ed part of the intercooler piping to suit and also made a custom 4" Intake!

Next we bolted on the Genuine TiAL 38mm Wastegate. And we where finished. It looks quite the part!

Tuning it will be done very soon.

Step 5. Cosmetic/Weight Reduction

Next we removed the standard bonnet and replaced it with a Lighting Motorsport Vented Carbon Fibre Bonnet.

This saved us 18kgs and also made it look alot more bling.

We also got a new set of rims for it also, from a Supra. This gave us some wider feet for the road to get the power down. 

Step 6. Fuel Upgrade

In the quest for wanting more power, more go - go juice is needed. To solve this a Bosch 044 External Fuel Pump was used with a Sinco Custom Surge Tank.

Next we Installed 650cc Sard Injectors and our fuel set up was finished.

Step 7. Aftermarket Ecu

We had many option's for what ECU to run in the Soarier, but ended up going for a Greddy Ultimate with a plug in wiring loom adapter.